Vision statement

EDU DYNAMIC SOLUTIONS (PTY) Ltd will challenge children of all abilities to achieve excellence in a wide range of academic, creative and moral activities.

It will equip children for the demands and opportunities of the twenty-first century by offering a differentiated, effective and rigorous curriculum as an entitlement to all.

A professional and highly motivated staff, in partnership with parents, will encourage each child to achieve his full potential.

In a disciplined and caring environment, based on mutual respect, each child will be valued as an individual in his/her own right and his/her moral development encouraged.


Mission statement

Our mission is to provide our students success in learning at a reasonable cost. We are dedicated to the individual development of attitudes, skills, knowledge, and responsibility essential to successful achievement in school and society. We actively involve parents and the community in supporting student learning and development.



High Achievement for All

EDU DYNAMIC SOLUTIONS (PTY) Ltd is dedicated to teaching students to be involved, active learners who work hard, think critically and creatively, and communicate effectively. We emphasize high expectations for all students, and support them to reach their full potential in all aspects of achievement, especially in academics and social skills, all of which prepare students for success in their lives after high school.

Excellence in Teaching

Passionate, knowledgeable, skillful teachers are the core strength of our system. We expect our staff to provide a dynamic and rewarding learning experience for students. Excellent teaching begins with strong relationships between tutors and students and is nurtured by collaboration among colleagues. We are committed to supporting a professional community that creates and sustains an atmosphere of intellectual excitement, innovative instruction and personal growth.


Through collaboration we find new sources of learning and strength. EDU DYNAMIC SOLUTIONS (PTY) Ltd actively promotes collaborative relationships. We seek out partnerships with community organizations and the Government schools that we serve to add value to our education system.

We also have a heightened social awareness in everything we do. We have respect for everyone we come into contact with. We serve with honesty: trusting others and being worthy of their trust and we always strive for extraordinary achievement with humility.


Business goals & objectives

To be the leading institution in South Africa offering Extra classes and help to achieve excellent results through our learners every year.

To provide a carefully planned, stimulating environment which will help the learners develop an excellent foundation for creative learning.

To develop positive attitudes towards school work and help learners to build a habit of increased concentration.

To help each child develop self-confidence, assuring them that they can learn by themselves by concentrating on what they have already mastered. Develop confidence to ask and be open on what they didn’t understand thereby contributing to the child’s healthy emotional development.



EDU DYNAMIC SOLUTIONS (PTY) Ltd aims to have a branch in every town in KwaZulu Natal and this will consequently make it easier for all students to gain access to our facilities and also creates employment for fellow South Africans.