Extra classes are offered every Saturdays (we do not open on public holidays.)

Port Shepstone lessons are offered at 45 Aiken Steet, NBS Building, Office 6  from 8:00am to 1:30pm..

A timetable is provided to learners to show what time their class will start. After the normal class (60 minute session), learners can remain behind to be assisted in their homework or areas of difficulty.

The time between 12 noon and 1:30pm is especially designed for learners to be interactive with their tutors. Tutors are mandated to assist in homework, remedial and advance work depending on the needs of the learners.


Business competitiveness

We pride ourselves in having established:

  • Effective teaching methods, offering both remedial and advanced studies.
  • Highly qualified tutors.
  • 60 minute class sessions giving enough time for understanding and revision.
  • An extra 30 minutes at no extra cost to parents for remedial and homework.
  • Suitability of the program for grade 4 to grade 12.
  • Maximum of 20 students per class.

The results which we produce are tangible and can be measured. At the beginning of 2013 and 2014 learners approached us with their school reports showing tremendous improvement in their learning areas. Even now in 2017, we continue to see progress.

Social Responsibility

We have an obligation to the society to provide a service that we believe is instrumental in shaping South Africa as a whole. In light of this belief, we have identified several disadvantaged learners and enrolled them at our centres for free. These are learners who are either orphans or have parents that are not working (Category A).

We also have another special program for the (Category B) financially disadvantaged. To these parents we offer a 50% discounted rate after we have used the appropriate channels to validate the financial status of the parents.


Our People

We value talent and we are committed to people development, teamwork, dedication and innovation. Our staff mainly consists of teachers, sales consultants and an administration team. We value each employee’s contribution to the Company and believe that accountability and self-management are key elements to foster an efficient and productive workforce.